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Modular and Autonomous Data Analysis Platform (MADAP) is a well-documented python package which can be used for electrochmeical data analysis.

This package consists of 3 main classes for analysis:

Voltammetry Impedance spectroscopy Arrhenius This package allows user to upload any common file format of data and the select the data of choice. The user can use to scientifically plot and get correspondence analysis from each procedure (i.e. by calling “eis_analysis” , Nyquist, bode as well as the correspondence equivalent circuit and its parameters will be drawn). This package can be installed via pip/conda and can be utilized with a GUI, command line or just directly importing the module in a python script.

Fuzhan Rahmanian
Fuzhan Rahmanian
PhD Candidate at TUM

My research focuses on material acceleration and applied electrochemistry through sequential and machine learning algorithms. Different stages of my thesis compromise of hardware interfacing with python and visualization, using robots to perform AI accelerated experiments i.e. through active learning, benchmarking against linear models, and extracting the fundamental knowledge in reduced time over classical high-throughput experimentation for optimization of electrolyte formulations of post-Li ion battery systems.